Two- and three-day intensives for ministers and ministry couples

As a part of EVM’s expanding service offerings to ministers, ministry couples, and ministry families, two- and three-day extended sessions are available.

These sessions have a variety of issues which can be confidentially worked on, and more than one can be considered during the sessions. Ministers and ministry couples can expect caring, encouraging, and professional consultation during these sessions.

While we cannot be certain of results, we are confident that our sessions can make a significant difference in lives, marriages, and ministries.

The focus of our two-and three-day intensives:

  • Marriage and ministry
  • Couples care and coaching
  • Emotional health and spiritual formation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Crisis care
  • Assessments
  • Ministry direction: the call


  • 2-3 hours in consultation with Dr. Carl Addison per day
  • Afternoon assignments to be completed by attendees
  • Development of a strategy of implementation of insights gained
  • A great opportunity for those on sabbatical


  • Three sessions include only one couple or individual
  • Sessions to be held in the Indianapolis/Anderson, Indiana area
  • Hotels at various prices are available in the area
  • Travel, lodging, and food are the attendees’ responsibility. We can attempt to negotiate discounted lodging fees upon request.
  • Attendee fees are negotiable. Factors considered include ability to pay, source of payment (church, judicatory, individual, etc.), length of extended service session chosen, whether assessments are used, etc.
  • Non-credit card/debit card/PayPal payments discounted 5%

References gladly provided upon request.

For more information, contact Dr. Carl Addison at or by phone at 573-380-5507.

"We are confident that our sessions can make a significant difference in lives, marriages, and ministries."