The staff at Earthen Vessels has a huge heart for pastors and their families and the expertise to help. The Director, Carl Addison, is a former pastor who personally knows and understands the world of pastoral ministry and its affects on the pastor, pastor’s spouse, and kids. He has a heart and the skills to help the clergy family find healing and wholeness in the midst of life and ministry struggles and challenges.

His wife, Valerie, is also a ministry veteran and complements him in many ways. Together they make a powerful team that I can and do recommend highly. They are making a difference in the Kingdom and in clergy families. I am so thankful for them. - State Pastor
Encouragement, support, authenticity, and a genuine sense of being loved are all ways that I would describe the ministry to which Carl and Valerie have been profoundly called. As our family went through our most challenging crisis, God's anointing on their lives and ministry was so incredibly evident. While they were here, they had a disarming way about them that helped put our family more at ease, as they offered a lens through which we were able to see hope.

It has been several months since they came to spend a couple of days with our family, but where we are today is drastically different compared to where we were then. God is a great God, and He has chosen Carl and Valerie to be ambassadors of hope and encouragement to those of us in the trenches of vocational ministry. And as for me and my house, we are eternally grateful! - Senior Pastor (NY)
Earthen Vessels Ministry entered into my life when I was at a low point. I had a sense that there was a piece of my personality, leadership style, approach to relationships, or some other element that I was completely unaware of that was limiting my effectiveness in ministry. Carl helped. He calmly and gently asked the right questions and helped me come to grips with who I am and where I came from. He challenged me in ways that others had not.

Over the course of several months I gained a new level of awareness. I gained the ability to see myself and ministry more clearly. In a more recent moment of family tragedy, Carl spoke the exact thing my wife and I needed to hear at the exact time we needed to hear it. I will be forever grateful. Today, I am a more capable minister and human being thanks to God’s work through Earthen Vessels Ministry. - Senior Pastor (IN)
Earthen Vessels Ministry has been one of the single greatest blessings to me personally, professionally, and spiritually. Carl and I first started a coaching relationship during a time of a lot of transition, both personally and professionally in my life. My wife has often times referred to Carl as “my sanity”. Carl has a gift for challenging, encouraging, equipping and walking through life and ministry with people in way that personally has helped me as a Pastor, husband, father, and follower of Christ. Carl will listen and ask good questions when I need to process things, but he will also hold me accountable to being the leader God has called me to be. I could spend a lot of money on conferences, books, or other training resources which are good, but for me there is nothing quite like having the personal relationship with Carl. He is a person who is with you and for you. Thank you Earthen Vessels Ministry for helping me and many others be healthy and thriving leaders for the Kingdom. - Lead Pastor (IN)
Earthen Vessels Ministry is a breath of fresh air for clergy and their spouses. Carl and Valerie Addison combine their wisdom from years of service to the local church with a tremendous passion for healthy marriages. The result is a powerful resource that is relevant, refreshing, and inspiring to all who face the demands of ministry. Thank you, Carl and Valerie, for a vision that promotes stronger homes and therefore, more effective churches. - Senior Pastor (MO)